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Fishing in the Northwest

This past week has been amazing. The wildlife, the places I have gotten to go and the fishing I have done has been beyond incredible. I am looking forward to cherishing the last little bit of vacation and and catching some more fish in this peaceful environment before heading back to the Big D! Can't wait to share more photos but for now I will leave you with this one from my birthday yesterday. Xo


Birthday Celebration

What a weekend! I got to celebrate my birthday (a week early) with some great friends. Definitely one of the best celebrations I have had and one for the record books- lots of crazy moments and definitely a ton of memories to come from the evening.
We had dinner at Nobu Dallas following the cocktail kick off at my apartment, they seated us in the courtyard under candlelight and I was so happy that the rain held off :)  Dad sent cheese for everyone as little favors and we all had personalized conversation starter chopsticks. Yuka, my favorite person at Nobu, made a special menu for the evening and I am really bummed I do not have a copy or a photo of it. #sadday The group for dinner was great and it was a lot of fun mixing my groups of friends together.
Here is a snapshot of most of the group, raccoon eyes and all! 

Singing karaoke was the next highlight of the night... if only I could ever decide on a song to sing. I semi sang but I know I am not off the hook with my friends. We all tried out the new Kung Fu Saloon and it was fun to sing in a private karaoke room and then head out to the bar to play arcade games and dance to the great music. 

The party lasted until the wee hours of the next morning... some late night swimming, more champagne, music and good company. It was by far one of the best nights with the best people. Wish I could celebrate like that every weekend! So thankful for each and every one of you. 

Here are some other great shots from the night... as I said, wish I took more!


Long Time Coming

Fly fishing trip in New Mexico, 2006
I am FINALLY heading out of town for the long awaited vacation. Heading to Montana tomorrow for a week to do a little fly fishing and celebrate my birthday on Saturday with C & M. Real excited! Better get to packing ;) Have a great week and check back for pictures! xo



Just one week until another birthday! Tonight I will be celebrating with friends and keeping my fingers crossed the rain holds off here in Dallas. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 


Nothing Like Fall in the Mountains

First, Happy Anniversary to my parents! 25 years today!

There is just something about fall in the mountains. Maybe it is because I get excited for ski season, maybe it is just the colors... not quite sure but I am loving today's Facebook post from Vail Ski Resort! 
Happy (soon to be officially) Fall! 


Remembering 9.11

via The Everygirl


I remember it so clearly, but now doesn't everyone? I was in the 8th grade and remember how frantic and upset all the teachers were at school and none of us could figure out what was going on or why we couldn't use the computers... then came the over-pour of mothers coming into school to get their kids. It was a crazy, weird and completely devastating day. I remember even having to pack a bag and wait to hear from my dad if my mom, brother and I were to drive north and wait until my dad could get there to meet us if things got worse. My dad was suppose to be in the city that night for a board meeting, my mother was planning for her anniversary (which is tomorrow) and I was planning my birthday party with my friends at school (being on the 10 day countdown-- which was huge at that age). It was as gorgeous in NJ that day as it is in Dallas today and like every year I wear a little piece of red, white, and blue and think about all the people close to us as well as other Americans who are feeling the loss again of their loved ones today.


Moving Day

Today is Moving Day!
We are moving... unexpectedly but I am excited for a new adventure (on another floor and down the hall a bit) and space! Mr. B is on a little few day hiatus after returning from the ranch and will come home to a new home tomorrow night. For now he is at the Disney World for Dogs and I am sure he is loving every second of it. I will post more pictures when I am all settled... but here is to a few days of my own hiatus from work and the world while I set up shop somewhere new. Don't worry, I will be taking a break for FNO as well tomorrow night and cannot wait to celebrate a good friend/older sister's upcoming birthday this week as well. It is a busy time and I get to have my parents in town for a few days as well :) #happygirl

Enjoy your week blog world! xo


Labor Day 2k12

After 15+ hours of driving due to traffic, etc. we are back in the Big D after a great weekend at the ranch filled with laughter, sleep, wine, amazing food and some great views. It was great to get away and just hangout outside of Dallas for a few days... don't necessarily want to be back but I have a lot going on this week to keep me running on adrenaline until the weekend. Hey, at least it's Tuesday-- right?

Could never get
sick of looking at these views!
Texas Eggs for Breakfast
Adorable pups by the lake

 Britney meeting Miss Daisy
Mr. B staring people down
 adorable pup snapshots   

 tricks for snacks and horse time

just plain worn out

Brit learning to fly fish... "looks a lot easier than it actually is"

Neon Nikes are the new Ranch Shoe.

 Great friends, cute pups, amazing weekend.