This is the last photo of the day for July. Toothbrushes are the topic.... about 6 months or so ago I heard about this website with designer toothbrushes. They are super cute and have tons of different styles. Here are my favorite ones in stripes.
Get yours or see the other designs here. xo



Where is your calm or peaceful place?

These are mine. There is just nothing better than being on snow or out on the water for me. It gets me so excited and I enjoy every second of being completely relaxed and in my element. xo


July 29, 2009

3 years ago, this day changed everything for me and I love and miss her everyday. 
Today, I will buy a lottery ticket and think back on 21 years of memories I have with this amazing woman.



28th: London Inspired

Today's photo is about cups. Lots and lots of cups. I chose the photo that is inspired by the Olympics in London Town going on officially now!


26th Day

Almost to the end of July's Photo of the Day series... Today it is about sunshine. The only thing sunshine about this week is seeing some of my very best girls this weekend. Here's to the excitement!


Weekend Inspiration

I am off to spend the weekend with two of my great friends from summer camp, Audrey and Jeanette! Cannot wait to see them and have some uber fun girl time :) Have a great weekend! I am starting mine a day early... 



Life is Like a Mirror

"life is like a mirror reflecting what you do, if you smile on life it will smile right back at you."
Iney Harrison

It is still July and in anticipation of my trip to see camp friends in Atlanta this weekend today's photo of the day had me remembering this quote from Mystic. 


I leave you with some fun mirror images from the good ol' Pinterest. 


Upside Down

Anyone remember this song? Upside down bouncing off the ceiling... A*Teens. TOTAL #FLASHBACK! 
Hope this gets stuck in your head like it has been in mine all morning... Everytime I hear "upside down" this pops into my head. 
Happy Sunday :) 


nine o'clock & twenty-five

it's nine o'clock and still getting some beauty sleep before a big 25th party tonight! 
Happy Birthday to my SB-- Pidgeon! 

Holly's 30th in Austin

2010 Birthday at Camp Mystic



Puppy Love

Today it is ALLLLLLLL about pets!
July Photo of the Day takers will be posting about their cute little animals and Instagram will be blowing up. Most people probably think I post about Mr. Bendel a little TOO much but hey, he pretty much is my child and I love doing the puppy mom thing. I have had B for just over 2 years now and he just celebrated his 4th birthday this past April. A lot has happened in 2 years but let's face it a lot has happened this year too. He won Pet of the Month is 153 votes, is a big 4 year old, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary, he has flown on 6 planes, taught a few new puppies how to play and managed to move his bed across my apartment and clean up his toys on his own. If he could talk in between his naps he would probably tell you it is all just in a day's work. Mr. B is adorable as ever and can even push me into running that 5th mile these days.



The 18th: Plates

Plates, we all use them... no matter the size, the shape, the design. I like to have fun with mine, I guess I take after my mother or aunt who have tons and tons of different types, shapes, sizes, patterns- you name it, between the two of them they probably have you covered. One of my favorite places in NYC to find different "fun plates" for your home or apartment would be Fishs Eddy. They have a whole lot of random in that store but you can always find a great new addition for you or the perfect gift for a friend or host! I was browsing the website the other day and found these three cute ones- the Happy Birthday plate/platter, these cute pattern trays, and the "artist" cheese plate.




July Photo of the Day: Your Addiction(s)
Instead of one... here are the 5 off the top of my head (in no particular order).




Today's photo of the day is about fingers... hmmm I would immediately think to post about my newest nail polish color obsession but this photo cracks me up. I found it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I have seen many versions but this would be a great goofy photo at a wedding. 



There is just something about great old buildings. Architecture all around the world is different and ever changing. I could post photos all day about "cool building pictures" I love the stories some photos tell about certain areas in the world but that's the travel bug in me talking...