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The rest of this week calls for a little bit of inspiration as I close one chapter of my life and start another. 
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Zoo To Do 2012 Countdown

11 Days until the Zoo. My FAVORITE event of the year is almost here! Zoo to Do 2012 is around the corner and the theme this year is Vegas. Of course it will be another great evening with the animals and generous donors of our wonderful zoo. Last year I covered press for RSVP Calendar, you can check out my post from today for the upcoming event here. This year I will be attending with friends but will continue to spread the word about this great opportunity! Head over to http://www.dallaszootodo.com/ for more information and tickets. The event does sell out so make sure to grab them while you still can! If you cannot make the event, head over the zoo when you have a moment, check the place out and spend some time learning about other ways you can give back to this great place!

Y'all know where to find me on November 3rd, hope to see you there at the zoo! 


Weekend Inspiration

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe


New Beginnings

Times are changing. No, not like the clocks although those will be too in a week or so. Not the seasons either but it is true... Dallas is getting colder and more like Fall. The time I am talking about is not the hour in the day or days of the weeks in the month but the next chapter in my life. 

I was recently approached with a new direction to take my life and my professional career and I think after much deliberation and weighing different opportunities, I have chosen a path that shall give me the chance to grow and learn in an ever changing, yet challenging environnent. As I finish up my last two weeks at SevenBar, I find myself looking back over my time here, thankful for the people I have met, for the experiences I have gone through- projects, mistakes, conferences, new industries and more. All of these have given me the opportunity to grow significantly and I believe God is ready to give me this next step in my life. 

As you all know, nothing worth having comes easy and I want a career and a life. I know I can have it, I just might have to work a little harder. This next step in my life is going to continue to hopefully take me down that path and I am excited at the possibilites! 



Weekend Wonders

1. Yankees advance to the ALCS... heck yes!
2. It is TX/OU Weekend that means Bevo is in town and EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. is pulling out their burnt orange and at the fair on this weird weather morning watching the Red River Rivalry.
3. Last night's TX/OU party was a blast and I cannot wait until next year. I even managed to get a few pictures.

Hook 'em Horns! 


MLB Postseason

Anyone who really knows me knows that my FAVORITE time of year in sports is the MLB postseason. Well folks, postseason is in full-swing and I am one of those girls who surprises the guys she is around by knowing more postseason baseball than most guys actually do. Now don't ask me about stats because I know I can't tell you and I'll totally admit it but you ask me about history and specific games... most of the big ones I have been to when it comes to the #Yankees back when I was growing up in the tri-state area but baseball isn't just a pastime sport for me, it is so much more. Baseball defines many big moments of my childhood and lasting father-daughter memories. I was born during a Yankees/Red Sox series right on the cusp of postseason in the late 80's and it has been a love I have had since birth. My dad taught me most everything I know about baseball and his love for the game and the Yankees has been passed down to me. Whether random games or bigger postseason ones... like the Subway series with the Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens bat issue or Pedro, "Who's your Daddy?" or after 9/11 when New York came together as one. When I turned 16 during a Tampa Bay game and my dad caught a ball in the second row, listening to the Yankees soundtrack on the way to the Bronx, getting that foot long hot dog at our favorite spot in the stadium and our postseason traditions of buying certain pieces of Yankees merchandise. The feeling you get when they win and the letdown you feel when you lose because you wish you played harder... wait, we aren't on the team. There is just something about Yankee tradition and the family of fans that is unlike anything else in the world. There are so many memories and I could list them for days but whether I am a month old in my Yankees jumper, 2 years old in my Yankees players jacket, 18 with my Pettitte's jersey or today with my 2 Rivera jerseys that I can't wear often enough, I live for the game and the memories that are made every postseason. Here's to 2012!




Okay, so I know this post is WAYYYYY overdue BUT I honestly wish I were still on vacation, but don't we all. The trip was fabulous, the best break I have had in a LONG LONG LONG time and I even caught a handful of fish.  

There is your Montana/Wyoming/Yellowstone recap via the good old iPhoto. xo


Weekend Recap

First, it was a whopping 38 degrees this morning walking Mr. B... tights and boots are back (not for long obviously since tomorrow it will be back to 80 degrees). And they wonder WHY everyone gets sick in Dallas this time of year...

As far as this weekend. It. Was. Fun. and relaxing all into one. Obviously I still wish the weekend was longer and I am envious of those who have today's holiday off but I am at work like a big girl getting everything done.

Friday was Miss Layla, aka Monkey's birthday. She is practically my niece and I absolutely adore her. She turned the BIG GIRL 2!  

On Saturday, I ran a whole bunch of errands, decorated for Halloween and went shopping with a girlfriend for a bit. I picked up a great new pair of boots that I LIVED in all weekend (pictured above) as well as an amazing candle from Nordstrom. Later that day I had a few friends over and then a whole group of us went out for dinner and then drinks. It was a fun Saturday night filled with old friends and new friends and REALLY cold weather.... I am seeing a pattern here.

Sunday went by quickly with more errands and then gala meetings all afternoon. Dinner consisted of Mambos and MiCo and amazing TexMex. Oh and a YANKEES win! Way to start the ALDS.
Looking forward to the start of another busy but exciting week. This afternoon I am headed to see Big Tex at the State Fair and I am overly excited for lots of fair food even though I don't eat the fried stuff...
Have a great week y'all! xo


Feels like FALL

Thanks to my darling friend April for sending me this. I overlooked it in my inbox but while doing a little organizing came across it and it is the perfect inspiration for this fall feeling Dallas morning. There is just something about it that makes me think of home. 
Happy Monday!